Longfellow Concourse

The Samuel J. Longfellow and Ray Hurlbut Concourse Gallery is located by the Hope Martin Theatre, home to the Waterloo Community Playhouse and Black Hawk Children’s Theatre. The Concourse allows for a beautiful view of the river and access to the outdoor RiverLoop Sculpture Plaza. The Gallery features ongoing changing exhibitions, in addition to exhibitions that are planned to interpret and expand upon the permanent collection and focus on Midwest Art, American Crafts, and Haitian and Caribbean Art.

On Display

The Living Project | Peace Mural

by Allyn Slack – Dada Horta
March 1 – August 2, 2019

The 85 sketchbooks on display represent 6 years (2012-present) of conceptual Dada and a multitude of surrealist studies that inform and build upon each other. They are an exploration of Allyn Slack’s curiosity of speed within his body of work, and are intended to help further a personal journey of “automatic drawing.”

In the years since embarking on these studies, Slack has developed a unique visual language through an intuitive stream-of-consciousness creative method by embracing his eclectic influences. Inspired by biological mechanisms, physics, science fiction, jazz, rap and comics, his improvisational-based work challenges logic by juxtaposing objective and non-objective sequence narratives.

In addition to this collection of sketchbooks, Slack will present a new series of paintings which explore his irrational fear of quantum travel.