Dr. & Mrs. F. Harold Reuling,
Janet Feldman Permanent
Collection Gallery

This beautiful gallery provides an exquisite setting for visitors of all ages to enjoy pieces from the Center’s Permanent Collection.

Current Exhibition:

40 Years of Collecting Haitian Art
Through November 4, 2018
Reuling-Feldman Gallery

The Waterloo Center for the Arts began its collection of art from Haiti in 1977 when Dr. and Mrs. F. Harold Reuling donated several paintings they had purchased while vacationing there. Over the last four decades, the Haitian Collection at the Waterloo Center for the Arts has grown to over 1,500 works of art and is recognized as the largest public collection of Haitian art in the world. Throughout the museum you will see fine examples of Haitian art forms including paintings, beaded and sequined flags, metal and wood sculptures, assemblages, papier-mâché and more.