Helen Jane Block & Louise Loomis Creative Connection Gallery

The Phelps Youth Pavilion couldn’t have been possible without the support of so many generous contributions from individuals and businesses in our community. This is reflected in the Concourse Gallery on the “Partners Wall of Art”. This wall is made up of nearly 200 hand-painted ceramic tiles – each representing a partner whose contribution helped to make the Phelps Youth Pavilion a reality. Thanks to all of our “Pavilion Partners”!

On display:

Artists of Saint-Soleil
Through May 6, 2018
Creative Connections Gallery

The Saint-Soleil School is a name associated with a group of artists who lived near and around the Haitian village of Soisson-la-Montagne. Members of the group painted expressively and their works are filled with mystery, reflecting nature and spiritual themes. The group was almost defunct following the 2010 earthquake that destroyed their temple, however, several next generation artists in the region are continuing to carry on the tradition, some in interesting new ways.