International Folk Art Collection
The international Folk Art Collection includes works from cultures around the world, from Africa beadword and Indian textiles to Chinese folk painting. Also included is a significant collection of works by Justin McCarthy.

Justin McCarthy was born and lived most of his life in Weatherly, Pennsylvania. He is relatively well known among followers of folk and outsider art, but remains largely unknown to the general public. He began drawing and painting around 1920, but his artistic talent was not fully realized until the early 1960's. McCarthy gained some notoriety during his lifetime, despite a reclusive existence, with his woks included in exhibitions at such institutions as the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Folk Art in New York as well as the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Many of his paintings display a dramatic, painterly quality, yet McCarthy was also a remarkable draftsman. His subjects included nearly every aspect of American life; landscapes, still lifes, portraits, sports and world of entertainment. McCarthy also captured the nation's transformation from rural to urban life.

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